Here's what past clients say:

I underwent a course of hypnotherapy with Maria to overcome the anxiety I had in doing business presentations, and I must say I'm very impressed with the results. After only 3 sessions I noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety levels and now take on presentations with much more confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria's hypnotherapy treatments - well worth the money."

”Having had an intractable insomnia problem, I went to see Maria for hypnotherapy. It has worked wonders”

Massive thanks to you for helping me get my life on track. You have made an enormous difference to me - in how I am and how I relate to others. Thank you so very much."

”Well, it's a month ago today, and not only have I not smoked in that time, I haven't had the slightest desire to do so. Many, many thanks indeed. This is the longest I've ever gone without a cigarette and unlike previous attempts, giving up has been completely stress-free. I'm amazed at how effective the hypnotherapy has been and eternally grateful to you for helping me change my life for the better”

”Having been a smoker for 20 years and tried various techniques (patches, gum, etc.) I thought I would give Hypnotherapy a go. I must admit I was a bit of cynic before my meeting with Maria. In a very relaxed environment Maria talked me through the pros (not many) and cons (many) of smoking. Ten months later I am still not smoking thanks Maria"

”Excellent, treated me for my flying phobia. Had a much more comfortable flying experience afterwards. Highly recommended"

”Maria was an excellent mindfulness trainer, and I would highly recommend her to others"